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Blackrock Global

BlackRock Global are an international network of expert Headhunters and Research specialists. We are the hidden force behind some of the world’s biggest brands in recruitment, Top 10 Executive Search firms, Boutique firms and a range of other consultancies (both generalist and specialist) across US, UK, Europe, Middle East, APAC, and Australia.

We are ultimately a research house, practicing the purest form of headhunting, artfully carving into companies to unearth top talent, sought by our clients.

Once we are briefed on the target, we stop at nothing to deliver.

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Our Proposition

The ability to infiltrate any company, from any sector, in any location - with unrivalled competency to research, identify, approach, engage, attract and deliver top talent, that may not be available publicly, on jobsites or LinkedIn etc..

Our operatives work remotely and are based internationally. This presents the opportunity for clients to benefit from premium services, without paying premium fees.

Essentially, our clients win mandates at the front-end, with BlackRockGL supporting delivery from the back.

We set high standards, specifications that correspond to the needs of each client, not the ease with which we think we can find the person that matches them. Be assured, if they exist, we will find them.

The Results

Saving your recruiters a significant amount of time, as research is the most time intensive stage of the headhunting process

Enabling your recruiters to focus more at the front-end, interfacing with clients and winning more business; while we take care of ‘legwork’ and ‘execution’ at the back

Delivering cutting edge research, at affordable prices

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Service Guarantee

Whether you are you a small player in your industry, a giant market leader or a specialist recruitment agency tasked with the seemingly impossible, you’ll find our dedicated and committed Research and Headhunting services extremely efficient and super-effective.

You can expect a 100% professional service from initial contact to final delivery. Once we are briefed on the mission, we stop at nothing to deliver.

Please email us with your enquiry and we will contact you to arrange discussion.